Sunday, October 25, 2015


Welcome all you adventurous guys, grrrls and ghouls to my 5th Annual Haunted Open House. We’ve been remodeling. I hope you like the new look. Feel free to browse through the rooms, mix and mingle – but don’t drink the Kool-Aid!

This year my HOH is holding a Book Party for my brand new paranormal release UNLEASHED BY SHADOWS! Stop in for a tantalizing look behind the scenes with excerpts, characters and a knock-out book trailer.

I’ve got a heavenly host of guest authors waiting for a meet-and-greet with you in the Living Room. Their Q&A is to . . . die for! Check them out on the marque above and browse through their “Books With Bite” in the Library. While there, stroll through the “By Moonlight” and “Touched by Midnight” collections to sink your teeth into all things shape-shifter and vampire.

Keep your strength up. Drop in for some nibbles and sips and some JUST DESSERTS before venturing down the shadowy halls in search of more excitement in the Family Room. Test your skills with quizzes and games. Kick back for some scary-good screen time. But don’t nod off!

Looking for goodies to put in your treat bags? Trick or Treat! I’ve got yummies galore – sales, freebies, teasers and more!

Be sure to check the Bulletin Board for more event-ful chills and thrills before heading out on my Haunted Open House Blog Hop. 

You might be knocking on doors that look like these!

Happy Haunting! And Happy Halloween! Invite your friends back with you for another visit - Leave a comment!