The Family Room

Sit a Spell in the Family Room for some Fun and Games. . .
After roaming the halls and seeing the sites, take a break, kick back on the couch for some brain-teasing quizzes and entertaining conversations.

Let me start with my list of the best of what’s spooky, creepy, bloodcurdlingly riveting on screens big and small this year.

1. Supernatual! Winchester brothers, where have you been for the last ten years?! Just started watching and I’m up to Season 8 already.
2. The Strain. Kinda slow start but revved up fast. Crazy cool.
3. American Horror Story – Hotel. LOVE the hotel. Not sure I’d stay there with the other guests. Wow! Fabulous (and very attractive!) cast!
4. Walking Dead. Still leading the herd. (Fear the Living Dead: my only fear is that this shambling yawner will be renewed!)
5. Wayward Pines. Awesome limited series.
6. S.H.I.E.L.D. on the small screen, The Avengers: Ultron on the big. Hawkeye! Nuf said.
7. The Originals. Still has bite and sexy, too.

Take a trip down memory lane with these these actors you totally forgot starred in horror movies. Ya gotta start somewhere . . . 

Shall We Play a Game (extra point if you read that in a robotic voice!)

Here are some tests of memory and skill to see how well you know my paranormal worlds and our special guests . . . 

Where In The World are Nancy’s characters?
1. Where is Arabella Howland from?
2. Which “By Moonlight” book takes place in Lake Tahoe?
3. MIDNIGHT SURRENDER takes place in which Turn of the Century city?
4. Where is Susanna DuChamp from?
5. Where do Nicole and Marchand meet?
6. Where Giles St. Clair went to school.
7. Louis Radman appears in MIDNIGHT KISS during this time period.
8. Where the Guedry Shifter clan is located.
9. Louis and Gerard are from here . . . originally.
10. Clan that makes their fortune in Reno and Las Vegas.

Who’s Who in the “By Moonlight” and “Touched by Midnight” worlds? 
How well do you know the heroes and villains in my shape-shifter and vampire series? All the characters below fit into one (or more!) of the following categories. See how many you can matchup.

A: Humans with paranormal mates or vice versa

B: Returning villains (you just can’t keep a good antagonist down!)

C: Characters who started out not knowing who/what they are

D: Despicable or villainous characters who become heroic

E: Are related to Oscar Babineau

F: Struggle to change who/what they are 

1. Max Savoie
2. Charlotte Caissie
3. Silas MacCreedy
4. Nica Fraser
5. Brigit MacCreedy
6. Giles St. Clair
7. Alain Babineau
8. Tina Babineau
9. Oscar Babineau
10. Jacques LaRoche
11. Cale Terriot
12. Carmen Blutafino
13. Louis Radman
14. Arabella Howland
15. Bianca DuMaurier
16. Gerardo Pascale
17. Nicole Radouix
18. Marchand LaValois
19. Cassie Alexander
20. Quinton Alexander

Scavenger Hunt: How Well Do You Know Our HOH Guests?
You’ve met my intriguing, talented author friends but how much to you really remember about them? My memories are imprinted after I have to search for an answer. I’m going to help make my guests impossible to forget by having you seek out these in plain answers to the following questions:

1. Serves up lychee eyeballs for Halloween.
2. Has a deadly fear of Event Horizon.
3. Lives in the Land of Enchantment.
4. Favorite candy is Circus Peanuts.
5. She’s a ringer for The Little Mermaid.
6. Writes “The Sentinels of New Orleans” series.
7. Works as a dental hygienist.
8. Her greatest fear is losing the Internet.
9. Is a freelance line editor.
10. She’s seen a UFO.
11. Did non-fiction writing for a business publication and parenting magazine.
12. She’s our only International guest (England).
13. Wrote poetry to her crushes in middle school.
14. She’s been seen dressed as a masked cowgirl.
15. Works for a book publisher.
16. Her first book boyfriend was a vampire!
17. Would love to be able to fly.
18. Is a volunteer firefighter!